November 27 - December 3

Award-winning Australian musical-comedy maverick Anya Anastasia brandishes her razor-sharp satirical wit, gleefully attacking and dismembering the perils of the modern world, bringing a fierce and provocative new breed of contemporary comedy cabaret to the stage.

December 6 - December 16

Preeminent American storyteller Dandy Darkly makes his Off-Broadway debut with his political, hysterical hour of sugary sweet satire. Dandy Darkly's latest is a Georgia ghost story told by the survivors of that tragic Halloween night — from the little boy chased by the phantoms that haunt her as an adult to the cruel Colonel buried in his bunker, tinkering with his toys. Dandy Darkly’s All Aboard!

December 11 - December 21

Mil Grus is an LA based ensemble that has developed an original style of physical satire. This visual, visceral show is unique every time depending on who shows up and shares space with these five cosmic beings. Blending Bouffon, sacred clowning, spectacle, and physical theater Mil Grus acts as a mirror to society and forces us to laugh at our own fears and weaknesses.

December 5 - December 22

Internationally Award Winning UK the makers, The Flanagan Collective & Gobbledigook Theatre, bring a modern retelling of an ancient myth for a North American Premiere. Wound from soaring, heart pounding live music and searing spoken word, ORPHEUS & EURYDICE is a show for anyone who has fallen in love, and for anyone who has lost it.

December 11 - December 22

In the old British-ish kingdom of Crumpeton, a young girl turned pickpocket accidentally finds herself swept up in a criminal uprising against the Duchess, who happens to be her mother. Will she have the heart to sabotage Mum’s well-laid plans on the most important day of the year, Crumpet Day?

December 19 - December 28

Based on a true story, GOODBYE is the newest award winning play from Orlando playwright John Mark Jernigan about being in the right place at the wrong time...or is it the wrong place at the right time?

December 19 - December 28

December 21 - December 29

Metamorphosis is a feminist reinterpretation of Kafka’s classic from the perspective of Grete Samsa.

SAS Image 1.jpg

December 4 - December 14

In this brand-new show, British singer-songwriter Gary Edward Jones not only recites the music of one of his idols, but also tells the unique story of Paul Simon.

Keith Alessi Main Photo- NYC.jpg

Tomatoes Tried to Kill Me but Banjos Saved My Life
November 4- December 14

Keith rose from an immigrant family to become a well known public company CEO. He had a lifetime passion for banjos but never learned how to play them. He retired from his CEO job only to find out two weeks later that he had a 50% chance of living a year. This true, inspirational story follows his journey as he learns to play and how he found healing in a circle of musicians in SW Virginia. The show is a testimony to the healing power of the arts and contains themes of forgiveness, the importance of pursuing passions and staying focused on the present, not the past.

DB-2019-A3-WEB (1).jpg

Desiree's Coming Early!
December 14 - December 23

"Have you ever been caught in a loop?

OMG, seriously this is getting boring. Like, how many times do we have to fix this trash only to have to fix it again? When is stuff just, like, ever going to change? Does every revision require, like, a friggin revolution or something? Or does pushing too hard just wind up sending you right back to the beginning? And what if everything really is just the same thing forever?

Have you ever been caught in a loop?"

Wild Dogs photo 1.png

Wild Dogs Under My Skirt

January 3 - January 18

Breathing provocative new life into the play’s examination and celebration of what it is to be a Samoan woman, Anapela Polata’ivao’s commanding direction, introduces nuance, power and dramatic sophistication into Tusiata Avia’s deeply personal view of Pacific Island life and its sometimes uneasy collisions with New Zealand.

Candice Roberts, Larry, Kristine Cofsky.jpg


December 13 - December 22

"LARRY wants to prove that he can be “woke” enough for the empowered woman of his desires, but in a moment of accidental transcendence, uncovers a startling surprise in his psyche. A complex, bold and very funny portrait of a hoser's foray into feminism.

Ingenue Image 1440x810.jpg

Ingenue: Deanna Durbin, Judy Garland and the Golden Age of Hollywood
December 18- December 29‌

"Judy Garland is an icon, loved as Dorothy in Wizard of Oz. But in the 1930s, Deanna Durbin was a much bigger star. A favorite of Roosevelt, Churchill, even Mussolini, her first kiss was front page news in the New York Times. At 27, she turned her back on fame, and left the screen for a life of obscurity in France. Ingenue tells the true tale of the lifelong friendship – and rivalry – of these two great stars of Old Hollywood. Featuring the songs: 'Someone to Care for Me', 'Zing Went the Strings of My Heart', 'Molly Malone', 'Always', and 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'.

Screenshot 2019-10-04 at 9.41.47 AM.png

The Archive of Educated Hearts
December 7 - December 22

Multi-award winning writer and storyteller Casey Jay Andrews brings her five star sell-out hit “The Archive of Educated Hearts” to New York.

How do you chart the remarkable moments that make up a lifetime? Scrawled diary entries, answerphone messages blinking on an old landline, a shoebox of postcards and cassette tapes winding yarns across years and continents.

MM Quartet photo 1.png

Modern Maori Quartet: Two Worlds
January 9 - January 18

With signature style and humour the award-winning MMQ weaves together four stores full of heart and revelation that unfold the fabric of Maori musical culture, its genealogy and evolution.

Layering an earnest and uniquely Kiwi narrative to their soaring harmonies and classic quirky charm, the award winning Modern Maori Quartet invite you to meet Koro, Big Bro, uncle and Bub, and experience their take on what it really means to be Maori in this day and age.

Screenshot 2019-10-03 at 9.26.19 AM (1).png

Police Cops : Badass Be Thy Name

November 30 - December 10

Hot off the back of total sell-out runs at Edinburgh Fringe 2016, 2017, 2018 and Soho Theatre, London; multi award-winning company Police Cops bring you their latest comedy blockbuster: Badass Be Thy Name. Gritty northern town: 1999. A kitchen sink drama turns into a vampire-slaying horror epic. Complete with a 90s rave soundtrack, supercharged physical comedy and more vampires that you can shake a stake at.

Contours photo 1.png

The Contours of Heaven
January 11 - January 13

Told with aroha, love, and striking originality through verbatim theatre, live harmonies and movement, this one-woman show tells the real stories of six young people in the East Coast of New Zealand.



* denotes winner of "Best Production Of The Year" award.

TJ Dawe “A Canadian Bartender At Butlins” Canada

Burt Grimstead, Ana Stromberg “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”*

Tymisha Harris, Mike Marinaccio “Josephine: A Burlesque Cabaret Dream Play"

Brian Parks “Enterprise”

Jimeoin “Ridiculous” Australia

Chase Padgett “6 Guitars”

Evan Zes “Rent Control”*

Carlos Dengler “Homo-sapiens Interruptus”

Patch of Blue Theatre “We Live By The Sea” UK

Rebecca Vigil, Evan Kaufman “Your Love, Our Musical”*

Josie Long “Cara Josephine” UK

“5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche”*

Her Majesty’s Secret Players “Pulp Shakespeare”

PigPen Theatre Co. “The Mountain Song”*

Taylor Negron, Tom DiMenna “Who Loves You Baby”

Marshall Pailet, Bryce Norbitz, Steve Wargo “Triassic Parq”*

Mac Rogers “Viral”*

Michael Laurence “Krapp 39”*

Ted Greenberg “The Complete Performer”

Debra Erhardt “Jamaica, Farewell”*

“Never Swim Alone”



Fringe Encore Series (Darren Lee Cole, artistic director) was created as a learning center and stepping stone for the talented and amazing productions that are a part of The New York International Fringe Festival every August in New York City. Now having expanded to include the largest Fringe Festivals in the world including The Encore Series has achieved global reach. Each fall, Fringe Encore Series presents the “best of” productions from each festival and allows these worthy shows a chance to perform in New York City at the historic SoHo Playhouse. Now the top emerging artists, writers and producers have a platform to show their work in one of the world's theatre capitals! In addition one of these special productions is named OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION OF THE YEAR. The winner receives a full Off Broadway run in New York City.

This year's festivals to be judged are: ADELAIDE, BRIGHTON, ORLANDO, HOLLYWOOD, VANCOUCER and EDINBURGH

If your show is entered in one of the above festivals for 2018 and you would like your show to be considered for the series please send an invite to mail@sohoplayhouse.com. Include festival, dates of performance, cast size and any union affiliations. See you at the Playhouse this fall!



The SoHo Playhouse stands on land that was once Richmond Hill, a colonial mansion that served as headquarters for General George Washington and later home to Aaron Burr. Purchased from Burr in 1817, the land was then developed into federalist-style row houses by fur magnate John Jacob Astor.

 15 Van Dam Street, was designated at the Huron Club, a popular meeting house and night club for the Democratic Party. The turn of the century brought the Tammany Hall machine to the Huron Club. Prominent regulars included "Battery" Dan Finn and the infamous Jimmy "Beau James" Walker, known as "The night Mayor" due to his predilection for jazz clubs and chorus girls.

The main floor was transformed into a theater in the 1920's, and in the 60's operated as the Village South, home to Playwrights Unit Workshop under the direction of Edward Albee. It was on this stage that Mr. Albee produced many first works of Terrance Mcnally, John Guare, Lanford Wilson, Sam Shephard, AR Gurney and Leroi Jones.